Bungee jumping in Uttarakhand

Exploit Bungee jumping in Uttarakhand Must With Your Friends

The thrilling activities like bungee jumping involve jump from a tall structure. The stationary object is usually such as a bridge, building or crane; and you can also jump from a movable object such as a helicopter or hot-air-balloon. The most thrilling occurrence comes from the free-falling and the bounce. Uttarakhand bungee jumping is the highest Bungee Jump in India. The height of the tall structure is 83 metre. Drop in at Uttarakhand, and don’t forget to do Bungee Jumping.

Bungee jumping in Uttarakhand


This terminus is famous for being a bungee jumping as well. You can also have exploit experience around the city. It stands among the correct mixture of frozen opposites of mischief that call Rishikesh their home. Among the best adventures places in the world, this place comes the correct inclusion of Rishikesh bungee jumping which, in short, gives you the impression of falling freely from a great height. A locality for the garage between some of the best adventure experience. Rishikesh houses a lot of stimulation in its lap that is just waiting to be traversed by the adventurists.


Plenty of exploit experiences suggest in and throughout this city, its point of view one among the flawless mixture of frozen opposites of exploit that call Rishikesh their home. A lot of evident names comes from the Rishikesh bungee jumping, gives you the tenderness of plunge explicitly from a prominent height. The best and correct place for passage through some of the top occurrence, Rishikesh houses a lot of thrills in its lap that are just waiting to be explored by the adventurists.


The major adventure sports grips you to the delight occurrence of bungee jumping in Uttarakhand. This Uttarakhand had astonishing importance when it comes to spiritual awareness, as well as dispensing adventures with the glow of the high rise order. The good example of that is the 1968 visit of The Beatles in Rishikesh, who came here to seek a little something of their possess. There you can swell more amount of time, they found a lot of renovation here that speculate about in their efforts. Uttarakhand is feeling good for everyone who comes here endeavour.

Travel Tips – Tips :
(1)  Plan to book your ticket in advance as it is usually packed.
(2)  Reach before the time so that you have less waiting time.
(3) Should wear comfortable clothes and don’t carry anything with you. Remove all piece of jewellery, watches, specs from your body. All pockets should be empty.
(4) In the ground, where your fellow mates can sit and watch you jump on the big screen.
(5) If you have a heart condition, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a neurological disorder, or pregnant, it is advised that you don’t attempt the jump.

Everyone existence itself is too risky and there’s no way of revealing whether the persistence you’re regarding make is right or wrong up till you’ve fabricated them. The initial and leading cause to bungee jump. Recover from your suspicion of heights! You should be abandon everything else, you plunge into the open space in the direction the earth, that’s when you realize your fright of heights is away for life…Thrust and have a new you! Do come and undergo this adventure activity.