Having Adventures Bungee Jumping in Sexy Place At Thailand

Bungy Jump in Thailand and The Human Slingshot (Thepprasit Road, Soi 9) is a must-see tourist attraction in Pattaya Thailand. You can feel the amazing rush by bungee jumping off a 60-meter high platform over a lake! Or being launched on the Human Slingshot over 90 meters, reaching a breath-catching 150 kph in just a second.

Jungle Bungy offers one of the most thrilling and challenging activities in Phuket a 50-meter plunge above a jungle-surrounded lake. Safety of the person is one of the main concern for this kind of extreme sport they follow Safety Standards similar to Australia and other countries.

The bucket lists of most people are bungee jumping who are looking for adventures and we hadn’t been any different. We had also been conjecture what it was like to take those few last steps to the edge and feel the adrenaline rush during the free fall – so we had none of the choices than to try it for ourselves.


1.Place :
Famous spot located in Kathu, only 15 minutes by car from Patong Beach, Jungle Bungy Jump gives you a choice of five different styles of the jump: standard Bungy, water touch (or water dip) Bungy, tandem Bungy, backward Bungy, and catapult Bungee.

2.Policies :
Beers, Soft drinks, and ice-cream are available at the bar, and you can stay and watch your friends’ jump comfortably installed on the lakeside terrace.  No age limit. the only condition required is that jumpers must weigh between 35 and 235 kg. And also there is a no refund policy.

Once at the top of the crane if you decide not to jump, you won’t get reimbursed (note that men chicken out more often than women…)Jumping rates are between 2,100 baht (with T-shirt and certificate), and 3,000 baht (with a DVD movie, 25+ digital photos, T-shirt, certificate and a second jump for free).

3.Bungee jump Destination:

Central Thailand :
Jungle Bungy is located near Jomtien Beach next to a fishing park, 15 minutes away from Pattaya. You can choose to experience traditional bungee jumping or, catapult bungee. Night jumping and full moon parties are also on offer here. If you don’t feel like jumping, non-jumpers can relax and witness the action from the garden bar.

Southern Thailand :
Phuket Island, located on the southwest coast of the Thai Peninsula in The Andaman Sea, and Samui Island, located on the southeast coast of the Thai Peninsula in the Gulf of Thailand, offer this adrenalin-surging experience.

Koh Samui :
Samui Bungee Jumping is the only well-known bungee jump operator in Samui Island, The experience takes you 50 meters above a 5-meter deep plunge pool in the heart of Chaweng.

Northern Thailand :
Bungee jumping in northern Thailand is conducted in Chiang Mai at Mae Rim. Jungle Bungy Jump (Chiang Mai) is operated by the owner who has been involved in bungee since its earliest days as a commercial industry in New Zealand.

Travel Tips – Tips

(1) Book ticket in advance as it is usually packed.
(2) Reach before the time so that you have less waiting time.
(3)  You should wear comfortable clothes and don’t carry anything with you. Remove any piece of jewellery, watches, specs, etc from your body. All pockets should be empty.
(4) In the cafeteria, where your fellow mates can sit and watch you jump on the big screen.
(5) If you have a  heart condition, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a neurological disorder, or are pregnant, it is advised that you don’t attempt the jump.

Safety Measure:

People who have certain medical conditions should not attempt to bungee jump. Bungee jumping companies make you sign a release that includes a list of these conditions. You should get clearance from your doctor if you have blood pressure that is too low or too high, back problems, breathing issues such as asthma, circulatory diseases, heart problems or head injuries. Pregnant ladies are not allowed bungee jumping.

Bungy Jump is exactly the right place to go if you are looking for an extreme activity and life-long action-packed memory from Thailand. All the organizer working at  Bungy Jump are professionals who only have one thing in mind: thrills and fun in an extremely safe environment. Don’t worries, once, at the top of the crane, they can give you a nudge if you like. If you don’t jump then you never fly.