Bungee jumping in Queenstown

Unbelievable Bungee jumping in Queenstown You Must Having Fun

Bungee Jumping is a galvanize activity that implicates jumping from a tall structure and you are hitched to a large elastic cord. The fixed object is usually such as a building, bridge or crane; but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, it has an ability to hover above the ground. The anthemic experience comes from the free-falling and the glance.

Safety of the person is one of the main regards for this kind of extreme sport they follow Safety Standards similar to Australia and other countries. Queen’s town is the land of the extremely beautiful place. In this modern society, the queen’s town is geographically almost as remote as possible. The weather can be brassy and then beautiful on the same day, and it has some of the most untouched topography on the planet.


Bungee jumping in QueenstownNevis Bungy and swing is the third biggest bungee jumping in the world. The base platform itself above the Nevis Canyon floor. The whole cord is as three times as the height of the Statue of Liberty. Moulding yourself into the void at this height might strike many as complete lunacy, and it is.

Nevis Bungy and swing is that the platform itself is a dangle in space in the middle of the gorge by wires. You have to get a cable car out to reach the platform, and that is scary enough in itself, and that’s after heading out on a 40-minute cross-country steer in a 4×4 from Queenstown.

Kawarau Bungy :

Kawarau BungyThe world’s first merchant bungee and offers bungy jumping off an old bridge situated 43m above the Kawarau river below. It is located in Gibbston, 25 minutes from Queenstown, with free transfers available from Queenstown. You can bungee jump solo or arrangement and whilst water touches (or dunks) aren’t mandatory, they are definitely a must!

The Ledge Bungy :

The Ledge BungyThis is 47 meters high, but it feels so much higher! This bungee site is situated at the top of the Skyline complex 300 meters above central Queenstown, with the bungee platform literally self-possessed on the edge of a bluff!

This is noon and early evening bungee, meaning it is a great choice for those wanting to fit other venture into their tight Queenstown travel itinerary. It’s appreciable Queenstown bungee for those deficient to watch others jump as there is an outstanding perceive area offering birds-eye views.

Rotorua Bungy :

Rotorua BungyThe Rotorua bungee team will certify you’re 100% safe with all their harnesses. Sure, you’re not dashing yourself off a cliff and into a river, but if all you want to do is the rankle

a New Zealand bungee then this is the place. Rotorua offers a bungee jump for those who are new to it, a little fearful of the more ones or are just plain looking to save a bit of cash. This is the best place of bungy jumping here; the price. If you’re bucket sightseer but want to tick a bungee off in the land that brought this ridiculous hobby to the world then head to Rotorua.

Travel Tips – Tips
(1)  Plan to book your ticket in advance as it is usually packed.
(2)  Reach before the time so that you have less waiting time.
(3) Should wear comfortable clothes and don’t carry anything with you. Remove all piece of jewellery, watches, specs from your body. All pockets should be empty.
(4) In the ground, where your fellow mates can sit and watch you jump on the big screen.
(5) If you have a heart condition, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, or a neurological disorder, or pregnant, it is advised that you don’t attempt the jump.

Most of them having fear of heights. And you may have a question like this what if the ropes break!’, and ‘How will I reach the ground without slumping’?, ‘what if I get sick! In one Bungee Jump and all you get in a flap are gone… You trust yourself and dive! Just to take a negotiate of faith! Do come and experience this adventure activity. Don’t miss this opportunity!!