Bungee Jumping in Hong Kong

Thrilling Bungee Jumping experience in Hong Kong Don’t Miss It

Hong Kong might be a tiny little Island that stays in the South China Sea but it has got more medals to do it than many other countries, and especially as close as its mainland counterpart. When it comes to aspects like tourism, Hong Kong performs way better than China.

Bungee Jumping in Hong Kong

Activities at Hong Kong:

Being a Small Island, HK gives a lot of opportunities for tourism related to seeing and beaches. There are a lot of sports very cancer and just enjoy the Golden Sands. However, in all of this, Hong Kong is also a commercial epicentre. Some of the world’s biggest banks, including the Hongkong and Shanghai banking corporation, are located on this little Island. Hong Kong is also a great place for the order that tourism and it looks that and the Las Vegas of the east because of pets gambling opportunities that one can avail in the city of Macau.

What Makes Macau Special?

Macau is a holistic tourist destination and it also provides something for the adventure lovers. The world’s highest bungee jumping Centre is situated in Macau. What makes the bungee jumping in Macau even more special is that it is the highest urban bungee jumping area in the world. The Macau Tower, which is considered to be one of the tallest building in the world and its a Landmark that stands out of the entire skyscape of Hong Kong, is where the bungee jumping happens from.

Night Bungee Jumping:

Bungee jumping in Macau and especially from Macau Tower is quite distinct from the rest of the bungee jumping spot in the world. It is one of the very few places where you can bungee jump in the night. Promising a dive of about 233 meters, there is a parallel attraction as well. The world’s highest urban Tower climb, giving an elevation of 338 M, the Skywalk is another attraction that you cannot afford to miss.

Like many other bungee jumping attractions that are scattered all over the place, this one is operated by AJ Hackett and company which kind of holds a Monopoly over bungee jumping across the planet.

Bungee jumping activity in Macau only makes it a great adventure tour but also makes you a holder of the Guinness World Record. The bungee jumping cables, the guide cards, the recovery system, and everything has been developed exclusively for this particular bungee jumping.

When you complete your bungee jumping in Macau, you not only get a pen drive that contains the pictures and videos of your bungee jumping but also get a certificate that you have done your bungee jumping your that you can flaunt with your near and dear ones.

What does it take?

All it takes is a little bit of an adventure mindedness and the hope to overcome the last moment of fear that you might find when you are about to jump. AJ Hackett has always been known for their commitment to safety and the attention that they give even to the smallest of things when it comes to an adventure sport like bungee jumping. This has made bungee jumping in Macau possible even in the harshest of weather conditions and even in the night. In fact, bungee jumping is one of the closest that you will get to flying.

How to go there?

There are a lot of tour operators who organize package tours to Hong Kong. This tour operator will definitely include bungee jumping in Macau as a part of the itinerary. All you need to do is find out if they have this activity as a part of the package, and you can book with them to go on a daring adventure of a lifetime.